Nutritional Information

     All of our ice cream contains milk!

We do offer several dairy-free alternatives! Try our sorbets and Italian ice.. lots of fruit & no milk!

     MOST of our ice cream contains egg!

Plain vanilla ice cream and vanilla frozen yogurt are the only flavors with NO egg custard in them. Can’t have egg? No Worries! We’ve got sherbet, sorbet, sugar free ice cream & Italian ice that are all egg free!

   MOST of our ice cream is gluten free!

The ice cream itself is gluten free but may have baked inclusions that contain gluten. Avoid any flavors with cookies, brownies, cheesecake or pie pieces in them. Also avoid all regular cones, malted drinks & animal crackers. *Gluten free cones are available.

    We work with peanut allergies!

Ask a scoopologist to get a new scooper & a fresh tub of ice cream from the back, and we will be more than happy to serve you that way to avoid any problems. Make sure to LET US KNOW BEFORE we scoop your order!

Did you know?! 95% of all our dairy products come from Florida cows!