Feature Flavor:

Georgia Pecan Sweet Potato Swirl: Made with real sweet potato & loaded with a thick marshmallow swirl and salted pecans.

Seasonal Flavors:

Pumpkin: Tastes just like your grandmas homemade pumpkin pie filling!

Southern Pecan Cinnamon Delight: Cinnamon ice cream with salted pecans and a caramel swirl

Cinnamon: our homemade creamy cinnamon ice cream. Always a holiday favorite!

Dutch Caramel Apple: Cinnamon ice cream with a thick caramel swirl and loaded with real spiced apple chunks.

The Originals:

Vanilla: made with a pure bourbon vanilla extract

Chocolate: award winning, blue ribbon, is both decadent and dark.

Regular Flavors:

Coconut: our smooth and creamy ice cream flavored with coconut

Lemon: Velvety lemon-flavored Royal Scoop ice cream without the pucker

Coffee: An afternoon pick me up, our coffee ice cream will keep you energized 

Strawberry: Real strawberries flavor this refreshing favorite

Premium Flavors:

Peppermint Stick: popular year-round, this treat is bursting with refreshing peppermint candies

French Vanilla Bean: Made with rich egg custard, gourmet vanilla bean specs and our classic vanilla extract

Black Raspberry: Taste pleasing and lusciously flavored with a black raspberry purée 

Orange Pineapple: Thirst quenching orange ice cream with bits of pineapple and favored by young and old alike.

Rum Raisin: A classic flavor bursting with rum and raisins.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream with a thick strawberry swirl

Chocolate Chip: Our delicious pure vanilla flavored ice cream loaded with chocolate chips that were specially made to create this heavenly flavor combo.

Fudgy Swirl: A thick, ribbon of fudge careening through a sea of our yummy vanilla ice cream 

Toasted Coconut: Delightful coconut flakes paired with our creamy coconut ice cream

Kahlua Fudge: Kahlua and coffee dancing together and surrounded by a swirl of fudge.

Banana: Not just a monkey’s favorite, our freshly puréed bananas are added to our super premium homemade creamy ice cream. 

Key Lime Pie: As if key lime pie couldn’t get any better, graham crackers jumped head first into our cool and refreshing, tangy key lime ice cream.

Cookies and Cream: Our pure vanilla loaded with chunks of chocolate and frosted cookies. 

Dulce de Leche: Our decadent caramel ice cream paired with indulgent caramel.

Purple Haze: Our delicious black raspberry ice cream loaded with dark chocolate covered raspberry cups

SpongeBob:  Yellow vanilla ice cream, loaded with chocolate chip cookie dough bites and rainbow sprinkles.

Deluxe Flavors:

Cotton Candy: Living up to its name, this  treat will bring you back to the circus but with no sticky fingers to clean after enjoying.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: OMGoodness! Defies generational boundaries and enjoyed by all, our award-winning dark chocolate screams happily with chunks of peanut butter.

Blueberry Cobbler: A comforting combination of our blueberry ice cream with a blueberry swirl and graham cracker pieces.

Cherry Vanilla: If you love maraschino cherries and our vanilla ice cream, your taste buds will sing after one scoop of this one.

Heath Bar® Crunch: Our royally rich vanilla ice cream with large and small chunks of the classic chocolate and crunchy, toffee filled Heath® candy.

Black Cherry: Flavored and getting its color from a bundle of flavor-bursting Bing cherries

Espresso Chip: An afternoon delight crafted with our coffee ice cream and dark chocolate covered espresso candies. 

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk: Our award-winning dark chocolate ice cream bursting with our amazing chocolate chunks.

Mint Chocolate Chip: A classic favorite flavor, refreshingly flavored with mint, and joined together with our chocolate chunks.

Praline: A southern sweet treat, our praline ice cream has buttery, brown sugared, lightly salted and sweetened pecans.

Feeling Peachy: A seasonal favorite, beaming with fresh chunks of vine ripened, mouthwatering peaches.

Mocha Chocolate Chip: Chocolate and our strongly brewed coffee with added compliments of chocolate chips.

Salted Caramel Crunch: The perfect combination of our heavenly caramel ice cream with a delectable ribbon of salted caramel and crunchy pralines.

Cookie Dough: If you prefer to eat more of the chocolate chip cookie dough than bake them into cookies, this winning flavor has your name on it! 

Maple Walnut: Reminiscent of the fragrant syrup smothered on a breakfast treat, our maple flavored ice cream is teaming with English walnuts. 

Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownie: Our award winning scrumdelyicious chocolate ice cream with taste bud-pleasing caramel and brownie bites.

Cupid’s Love Potion: Vanilla bean ice cream with an inviting raspberry swirl and fudge brownie bites. 

Birthday Cake: Creamy cake batter ice cream with a thick ribbon of blue frosting, rainbow sprinkles and huge pieces of real cake. This flavor makes everyday feel like your birthday!

Specialty Flavors:

Bonita Gator Tracks: A fudgy swirl has jumped into our vanilla ice cream tracking along loads of crushed Reese® cups.

Caramelicious Cups: Rich caramel ice cream with chocolate covered caramel cups and a ribbon of caramel.

Superman: Its popularity is out of this world! Multicolored vanilla ice cream is a genuine hit on Earth and on Krytonopolis!

Spumoni: An Italian traditional favorite, is a delightful blend of chocolate, pistachio and black cherry ice cream.

Mocha Caramel Crunch: Dark chocolate espresso candies surrounded by a caramel swirl and enveloped in our delicious mocha ice cream. 

Death by Peanut Butter: It’s a peanut butter celebration, featuring our peanut butter ice cream, with a peanut butter swirl and chocolate covered peanut butter cups.

Butter Pecan: Our butter pecan is so well loved, that we make it in our super premium ice cream, low fat yogurts and sugar free. Rich butter pecan ice cream with heaps of perfectly salted and roasted pecans.

Rocky Road: Have you heard about our blue ribbon, award winning chocolate? To that we have recreated a classic with a marshmallow ribbon, almonds, chocolate chunks and mini marshmallows.

Chocolate Tri-Scrumptious: Our phenomenal chocolate ice cream with triple the attraction to tempt you: English walnuts, white chocolate chips, and dark chocolate chunks.  

Banana with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts: To create this deliciousness in ice cream, we take our freshly puréed bananas and mix them with gobs of both English walnuts and chocolate chunks.

Pistachio: Pistachio flavored ice cream with oodles of pistachios.

Chocolate Almond: An outstanding combination of our chocolate and whole almonds. 

Wild Bunch Crunch: Our French vanilla ice cream with a peanut butter swirl, crushed Reese’s® and Heath® bars create a wild flavor fest for your taste buds!

Royal Turtle: Our first-class chocolate ice cream with salted and roasted pecans and gooey caramel.

Bonita Beach Bum: Coconut ice cream, swimming with chocolate chunks, caramel and almonds.

Nutty Cup O’ Joe: Our coffee ice cream, with a salted caramel swirl, crushed Oreos® and combined with a bunch of almonds.

Imperial River of Fudge: A chocolate lover’s dream! Our rich and creamy chocolate, brownie pieces along with a river of our thick fudge.

Sticky Fingers: Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered caramel cups, chunks of brownies and a caramel ribbon, gives this flavor a standing ovation.

The Dark Side of Cheesecake: Cheesecake bites in our dark chocolate ice cream with an added treat: a seedless and taste bud pleasing raspberry swirl.

Bohemian Rhapsberry: Creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with rich cheesecake bites, graham cracker bits and a thick raspberry swirl.

Cookie Monster: Everything your favorite Sesame Street character would love. Blue vanilla ice cream with tons of cookie dough bites and crushed Oreos.

No Sugar Added Low-Fat Flavors:

Vanilla          Coffee          Chocolate          Dulce de Leche 

Maple Walnut          Chocolate Peanut Butter          Butter Pecan

Royal Turtle          Pistachio          Mocha Almond Fudge  

Low-Fat Yogurts:

Mint Chocolate Chip          Black Cherry          Heath Bar 

Vanilla          Coffee Chocolate Chip 

Sorbets (non-dairy):

Orange          Red Grapefruit          Passion Fruit          Pink Champagne

Red Raspberry          Key Lime          Lime          Peach          Mango

Tangerine          Lemon

Italian Ice Flavors (non-dairy):

Cherry          Watermelon          Lemon          Pina Colada 

Rainbow          Mango          Blue Raspberry 

Sherbet Flavors:

Rainbow          Red Raspberry      

Orange          Lime