News & Events

We love parties and events! If you know of something going on where they need ice cream please let us know!

Upcoming Events

February 11-12 • We will be serving ice cream at the Art Show at Riverside Park in Bonita.

February 25 • City Clean-up at Riverside Park

February 26 • Concert in the park at Riverside Park

March 4-5 • Serving ice cream at the Art Fest at Riverside Park

March 25 • Movies in the park starting at dusk at Riverside Park.

March 26 • Concert in the park at Riverside Park

23rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Games

23rd Annual Easter Hunt and Games

Come join us on April 15 from 10am-1pm. Look for more information to come or call the office, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm with questions (239-949-4137).

Bonita’s Best

We have been voted Bonita’s Best for 15+ years and we are very excited to share our awards for Bonita’s Best ice cream and ice cream sundae 2016!

We have Scoop Fans that have been with us since the beginning and are now passing the tradition on to the next generation! We are very great full for all of the support we have gotten over the years by the community and our loyal customers!

Bonita's Best Ice Cream 2016 Bonita's Best Sundae 2016