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Create a flavor contest

Fri, June 12 2015

Bring us your ideas for our “Create a flavor” contest… the winning entry will be “Bonita’s Official Ice Cream”!!

The deadline is Saturday, June 27 so don’t delay. You can download the entry form HERE. Fill it out and bring it by the Royal Scoop.

Fun Facts About Ice Cream

Wed, April 15 2015
  • Ice cream became an edible morale symbol during World War II. Each branch of the military tried to outdo the others in serving ice cream to its troops. In 1945, the first "floating ice cream parlor" was built for sailors in the western Pacific.
  • When the war ended, and dairy product rationing was lifted, America celebrated its victory with ice cream.
  • Americans consumed over 20 quarts of ice cream per person in 1946.
  • 90% of American Households Eat Ice Cream!
  • That being said the largest worldwide consumption of ice cream is in the United States. The average person consumes 48 pints of Ice Cream Per Year!

Check back for more fun facts!

Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream winner of Naples Illustrated ‘Best Ice Cream’ !!

Thu, January 29 2015

Check us out! Royal Scoop was voted best ice cream from naples illustrated! Here is the link for more information on this EXCITING news!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!!!